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Letting the train take the strain

Next month - 21 April to be precise – sees a detachment of the Driffield Historical (Battlefields) Society make their annual trip to the battlefield sites of Europe.

Tyne Cot cemetery, Passchendaele

This year due to prior commitments, a smaller than usual group of members will be making the journey to Belgium and France on the Leger Battlefield Tour All Quiet On The Western Front. This is a tour that the society has done before, almost a decade ago in 2008, but this time around the travel arrangements will be slightly different, as the group will be making part of the journey by Eurostar for the first time.

The main reasons for changing our travel plans this year are, firstly the society is organising its own battlefield tour in 2018 and plans to use the Eurostar as part of its travel arrangements, so it will be good to get a feel of what travelling with Eurostar is like and seeing how the journey goes.

Secondly, in the past few years, the return journey via coach from Dover to East Yorkshire has been tortuous to say the least, so hopefully a return train journey from London won't be so much of a burden to have to endure!

This year’s trip will see the group visit various sites and museums in Belgium and France including the Sanctuary Wood Trench Museum, Hill 60, Tyne Cot Cemetery (pictured), the Historial de la Grande Guerre museum and Lochnagar Mine Crater.

Watch out for updates on our Facebook page.

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